Transo-Pharm Handels-GmbH
Global distribution of API's. Import and
packaging/labeling as per German Drug
Law, wholesale with finished drugs.

Transo-Pharm Vet-GmbH
Distribution of API's for the veterinary industry

Chemex Hamburg GmbH
Distribution and sourcing of API's with a focus on
Russian speaking countries.


Hong Kong
Transo-Pharm (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Distribution of API's and excipients in and around Hong Kong.
Various agencies, Alkaloids Corp.,
Ransom Naturals, JRS.

Kemimac (S) PTE LTD.
Distribution of API's and excipients in Singapore and
surrounding countries. Various agencies, Alkaloids Corp.,
Weifa, JRS
Ransom Naturals, Meggle.

Transo-Pharm USA LLC.
Distribution of niche active pharmaceutical ingredients for injectable,
ophthalmic, and specialty oral applications.

Transo-Pharm Handels-GmbH, Shanghai,
Representative Office.
(Sales China)

Ningbo Transo-Pharm Co. Ltd.
(Sourcing China)

Vitalchemie Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Sourcing India